Peace starts within each human being!
Art is a Spiritual and energetic Activity!
Peace is a thought process!


“Only those that see the Invisible can do the Impossible JR™©.”

Art enables mankind to transcend limitations of culture, religion & race. It is manifested with depth of expression, being a direct manifestation of the Soul. Art has a universal appeal, containing invisible codes- a Sacred language that connects us to the flow of the Universe. It is a silent invisible language that talks from one Heart to another abolishing the boundaries created by mankind. In all its forms- music, dancing, painting, sculpture, poetry, paintings, etc., the Arts are a powerful tool for healing. They elevate us to an inspirational state, helping us to create a more meaningful and colorful life. They are a gift which benefits all mankind, and contains the power to uplift us through inspiration. Art, colors and sounds reveal our Spirits. Art reflects our inner world as a mirror to our outer world, since as it beholds beauty it inspires us to “see beauty.” They enlightens us to respect and uphold the dignity of others, and it is a true manifestation of unconditional love.

“Science and art belong to the whole world, and before them vanish
the barriers of nationality”. GOETHE

To transmute a negative feeling or thought use the principle of polarity. Concentrate your thoughts in the opposite pole of the one you want to suppress.For ex if you are depressed think about a happy moment in your life,by doing this you are conducting your mind.You can also dance, paint and let the energy flow through a creative moment, distracting the mind and orienting it where you want it.

Art is an experience of the sublime, or the divine. It enriches our lives, and by inspiring us it raises our beings into higher states of vibrations, connecting us with our inner divine force. This, is the mission of Art, it touches us so we can raise our inspirational level and awaken the forces of creativity and consciousness creating Peace within us to Unite the World … only then when we are able to manifest Peace within will we be able to manifest Peace everywhere.


If we learn how to create and from where we are creating, this could be a beginning of a new conscious and healing moment!


  1. By awakening our creative powers: We rise above the level where the “ problem was created”
  2. If we are able to create wars, then we also have the capacity and are able to create Peace!
  3. Self-resistance to change: Media, (TV,news,etc) feed us with negative emotions, most of the time. Have you wandered why? Because we are more familiarized with negativity than with the Light emotions.
  4. As we become aware of where is the pattern that connects us to our negativity and anger, we then can start to heal the low negative emotions.
  5. If we have a resistance energy towards war. For ex:I’m against war; these thoughts create a vibration and a feeling of resistance in itself, and it creates more war! These negative affirmations can only create more what we don’t want!
  6. By focusing into war, we are giving it strength and spreading more anger, war and pain, the resolution is to transmute where our energies are being focused on, and focusing into higher frequencies like Artsl, Joy, Creativity, this all leads us and foster in us higher states of mind and vibrations.
  7. Forgiveness is an emotion that can be healed…if we first forgive ourselves and then others!

By putting our focus into higher vibrations like Art and Creativity , we manifest positive,(in Renaissance time the focus was on Art and the results were “A Golden Era” Inspiration that brings back the faith. Higher dimensions send their messages on the higher frequencies, and the lower dimensions communicate through the lower frequencies.

By putting our energies into war we manifest more anger war and pain, the resolution is to transmute where our energies are being focused on ,by focusing into higher frequencies like Art, Joy, Creativity ,inspiration we foster the positive and high vibrations and as result we have Peace, happiness , Joy , aliveness and Oneness with all that lives .

The Invisible forces are always available for us to use them, these convert into vibrations that turn to be manifested in colors, sounds and music, a sacred and encoded language of the Soul and of the Universe This is where Art plays a big roll as a unique tool to help us disconnect from the lower vibrations and emotions, and connect to the Divine higher ones. How we live and choose is our responsibility ….

Resolve conflicts by merely recontextualizing them. Conflicts cannot be resolved at their own level but only by raising them to the next higher level when awareness becomes obvious. (Einstein)
“Understand how the minds of all of mankind are secretly controlled and dominated by unsuspected energy fields which reside in the invisible quantum space of consciousness itself” Dr Hawkins

Jacqueline Ripstein

Art & Healing Pioneer & World Peace Envoy United Nations ECOSOC representative of the International Association of Educators for World Peace