[Spider_Calendar id=”1″ theme=”13″ default=”month” select=”month,list,week,day,”] In this training, you will become aware of the many elements you need to take step by step towards your new life, a life filled with consciousness, harmony, peace and love.

Each Lesson of Life contains 3 Modules.

Each module is a step on the evolutionary journey toward becoming Enlightened!  A necessary Tool to help you Access Your Deeper Life’s Purpose.

This book’s purpose is to reveal the hidden messages through art, to reveal the Light  of God within all of us and the Invisible dimensions that create our everyday lives.

With the Keys revealed in this Book, you can unlock all negative energies, thoughts  and feelings that limit you. Its purpose is to inspire, rouse, and motivate, to infuse our  lives with joyous anticipation, to shower us with Light, and to lift us over any darkness
that may be anchoring our lives…

As you awaken your inner powers you become the “Architect of your Own Destiny”,  And you will help build the next stage for a New planetary awakening, a legacy much  needed for your Children, and all Future Generations.


The only battle to be won is to conquer ourselves first.

It is up to us to confront the truth of our reality: either we awaken and begin to make small changes to help rebuild our world, or we sit down, do nothing, and let chaos take over our humanity. You decide....

Jacqueline Ripstein