A synergistic approach to transforming your life from unenlightened to enlightened. This book encompasses our life’s journey. It is a call to raise our consciousness and our vibrations. Its purpose is to show us how to reunite with our true Spirit. The time has come to:

  • Awaken your inner wisdom, transcending and expanding limiting thoughts, beliefs, and habits
  • Nurture self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth
  • Manifest a purposeful life that can inspire all those around you
  • Discover your extraordinary creative potential and become the co-creator of your life






Each Lesson is a step to your awakening, a compilation of Wisdom to support you to live your most empowered, fulfilled, abundant and optimum life…






The Perfect Tool

I\'ve been a follower of Tolle and other spiritual teachers for many years, and I\'ve always found their works to be extremely helpful in navigating the \"path to enlightenment\".\r\n\r\nBut Ripstein\'s new work, The Art of HealingArt, proves to be a step above and a foot deeper than most other written works.... not only does she pinpoint and explain various methods to achieve enlightenment and inner peace, she also helps the reader achieve these things through her exquisite paintings. Her artwork is masterful on a purely visual level but more importantly they serve as an incredibly useful tool in understanding the intricacies of this kind of spiritual subject matter. If you have ever struggled with the many, diverse philosophies and teachings about enlightenment, The Art of HealingArt will definitely help you attain a greater understanding and even conviction about the path to a more graceful, peaceful, and ascended life.
- Joanna Henning

Excelent book to find the inner peace we need

I believe this is a very powerful book because it is at the same time profound and insightful and easy to read and understand. This is indeed very difficult to find. You can read it in order or choose the chapter you need more at the time you are reading and it even answers your questions and connects you to your inner spirituality. Books like this one that guide us toward to our spiritual nature, connecting us to our inner strength and the knowledge that we are really never alone, are timely and necessary in the times we are living in which our inner peace often eludes us.
- Ma. Luisa Muriel Garcia

Visually Stunning - Warm and Relaxing

The Art of Healing Art is an excellent book that fills you with peace and easiness. It\'s like going on a beautiful spiritual journey that is very visually stunning. The blending of fine art and life-affirming lessons helps to raise your intuition and awaken your hidden power to create your own destiny and focus on the joy in life. If you want to explore the spiritual side of your life in a way that is stimulating and relaxing--I highly recommend this book.
- Casey Demchak

The supreme lesson of Life...is Love.

Jacqueline Ripstein™

Only those who see the Invisible can do the Impossible.....

Jacqueline Ripstein™

Lessons of Life

In this book each lesson is learned through its works of art and their hidden messages. Each message is a step toward the revelation of our own truth. Learn More


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About Author

Internationally renowned artist Jacqueline Ripstein has inspired thousands of people all over the world through her highly vibrational art. Learn More

“Jacqueline Ripstein enlightened message through art is the universal information needed to calm the current explosive turmoil of people around the world. Her Art combines composite artistic skills with crystal impregnated paint to produce a luminescence beyond the light of the great masters. Her paintings are profound, full spectrum consciousness experiences.”
Dr. Valerie V. Hunt, Scientist, Author, and Professor Emeritus, UCLA
The effect of Jacqueline’s art on each person was different (as reflected in the readings). The results were impressive. Her art has a most definite calming, balancing, and healing effect.
Dr. Vaughn R. Cook, OMD, President, Digital Health Corp
“Jacqueline has discovered the logic within the Harmonic Oscillators that allows the decoding of all information that flows from the Universe into us through our senses. Our perception expands. When we contemplate Jacqueline’s Art, it may seem as if time stops.”
International Scientist Rafael Lopez Guerrero President & Founder of FET ( Foundatión EticoTaku for Innovation.) Spain.