A New Age, an Era of Gold… a New Renaissance, the Rebirth of Humanity is happening right now. In this modern-day Renaissance, the arts, spurred by the creative forces and the imagination, will be necessary to help us evolve and adapt to the new conception of human beings and the world. When we awaken to our spirituality, we will restore a world of Peace, Love, Faith, and freedom, both within and outside of ourselves. Our civilization is enduring drastic changes. These changes propel us with ever greater force and speed so that individually and collectively we may dis- cover our true essence.

Every era brings the kind of change needed to achieve the inevitable evolution.

Some of the changes we are living through today arise from the extreme materialism that our civilization has fallen into. The true identity of our Spiritual Being is starting to shine through the veils of matter and will be revealed as the light pierces through these veils.

The search for truth is a road of self-discovery.