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The Perfect Tool

I\'ve been a follower of Tolle and other spiritual teachers for many years, and I\'ve always found their works to be extremely helpful in navigating the \"path to enlightenment\".\r\n\r\nBut Ripstein\'s new work, The Art of HealingArt, proves to be a step above and a foot deeper than most other written works.... not only does she pinpoint and explain various methods to achieve enlightenment and inner peace, she also helps the reader achieve these things through her exquisite paintings. Her artwork is masterful on a purely visual level but more importantly they serve as an incredibly useful tool in understanding the intricacies of this kind of spiritual subject matter. If you have ever struggled with the many, diverse philosophies and teachings about enlightenment, The Art of HealingArt will definitely help you attain a greater understanding and even conviction about the path to a more graceful, peaceful, and ascended life.
- Joanna Henning

Excelent book to find the inner peace we need

I believe this is a very powerful book because it is at the same time profound and insightful and easy to read and understand. This is indeed very difficult to find. You can read it in order or choose the chapter you need more at the time you are reading and it even answers your questions and connects you to your inner spirituality. Books like this one that guide us toward to our spiritual nature, connecting us to our inner strength and the knowledge that we are really never alone, are timely and necessary in the times we are living in which our inner peace often eludes us.
- Ma. Luisa Muriel Garcia

Visually Stunning - Warm and Relaxing

The Art of Healing Art is an excellent book that fills you with peace and easiness. It\'s like going on a beautiful spiritual journey that is very visually stunning. The blending of fine art and life-affirming lessons helps to raise your intuition and awaken your hidden power to create your own destiny and focus on the joy in life. If you want to explore the spiritual side of your life in a way that is stimulating and relaxing--I highly recommend this book.
- Casey Demchak

Exceptional Spiritual Journey

The Art of Healing Art is a warm, comforting book that makes it easy to feel a greater sense of peace and inner direction. What makes the book even more enchanting is that it is very visually stimulating. Mixing fine art with life-enhancing lessons enables you to bring your vibration to a higher level and awaken your inner power to co-create your life and make it more fulfilling. If you want to wade into the spiritual side of your life in a way that is uplifting and joyful--I really recommend this book.
- Casey Demchak

A very powerful book!

I cannot say enough great things about this profound book! Through Jacqueline\'s art, she reveals hidden messages in moving and inspirational ways that allow the reader to use it as a guide for their own inspirational journey. Unequivocally the best yet for anyone who is on a spiritual path or has had the undeniable feeling that there is more to who we are than we currently know.
- Jennifer Gibson

Stunning artwork to compliment 15 essential keys to power and knowledge

I found this book to be an absolutely wonderful compliment to my artistic nature. You will be astounded at the artwork which show cases the rare gift Jacqueline was the honourable recipient of at a very early age. It was one of Jacqueline\'s goals to reveal the Divine Light that is found inside every one of us and I, for one, feel she exceeded those goals. This truly is a must-have book and I highly recommend you purchase more than one copy. After all Christmas is just around the corner and it would make a wonderful gift for those you love!!
- Yvonne

Moving, Educational, and Inspiring

Combining beautiful art with profoundly inspirational messages, Jacqueline Ripstein\'s :The Art of Healing\" inspires, educates, uplifts, and enlightens. It is one of those rarely brilliant works that moves the senses and the spirit within. Highly recommended.\r\n- Dr. Joe Rubino\r\ and
- Dr Joe Rubino

A Work of Beauty

Jacqueline Ripstein’s most recent endeavor is truly a work of art. The words on each of the pages encourage readers to dig deeper and connect with their inner wisdom. The images throughout the book break through language barriers as well as spiritual barriers communicating a tender message of love and healing. I highly recommend this book to all those interested in pursuing a journey toward higher consciousness.
- Monica Rosales

A Magical Jouney that takes you to a place of being at One with the Universe

This book articulates so beautifully the message that love is the supreme lesson of life. I love how Ms. Ripstein takes the reader on a magical journey complete with her captivating artwork woven into messages of spirituality, transformation, and awakening our inner wisdom. This is a wonderful book and I highly recommend it to anyone who\'s interested in self growth, spirituality, and law of attraction.
- Maryann Candito

Art as a Powerful Tool!

Nurture your intuition and ignite your inner wisdom with this powerful book! Inspirational messages are combined with whimsical artwork to provide a message of hope, beauty and compassion. Art has the power to inspire and Ms. Ripstein uses her talents to do just that in this delightful book The Art of HealingArt. I highly recommend this book for all those travelling on the path to enlightenment!
- Kathleen Casey

Incredible Book for Healing

I never really thought about the power of art until one day my wife and I went to the Nasher Museum. I found one piece of art that made me feel emotional for the first time. As I read Jacqueline\\\'s The Art of Healing Art, I immediately connected with the concepts. In the introduction, Jacqueline states, \\\"Colors are vibrating light energies, each “color ray” produces a sound that affects matter.\\\" This caught my attention and inspired me to read more. The art in the book is simply amazing and I could feel the energy from them and I bet you can too. I look forward to using the \\\"lessons\\\" as a tool.
- Bill King


A BOOK THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE ...\r\nJACQUELINE\'s Art touched my life forever! Her Book\'s lessons are based in her Art being a bridge to consciousness, it has awakened me to deeper answers of life, it touched my heart. I\'ve seen many people being deeply touched by her and by her Art. Please if you love someone give them this book....
- shay

Moving Forward

Gifting oneself with the time to wander through the pages of \"The Art of Healing Art\" might very well open an inner dialogue which will help move you forward closer to what we all seek: contentment. Ms. Ripstein\'s search is the universal search and one which is around the corner if only we are willing to travel through the dark detours to the illuminating and comforting light. And the vision of that light, be it in the images Ms. Ripstein creates or in the ones your own mind creates, will have the potential to quiet and comfort you.This is the gift Ms. Ripstein reminds us is there for the choosing.
- mik

A Spiritual guide that answers your questions!

Time and again, if I have a concern or question that I\'m having difficulty with, I randomly open up this book and it reveals a lesson that speaks to my spirit. Somehow the answer to my dilemma is revealed 🙂 This book is not only an amazing compilation of her artwork but revelations that evoke thought and emotion. The first time I saw one of her paintings, I simply cried. She reminded me that angels are among us and we are always in the mist of the White Light. The messages and teachings seem to come from a wise old soul and take you on a wonderful journey. I had no idea, until I read this book, that colors were communicating to my spirit! I will never watch a sunset the same way again!! I also purchased the audible version, which despite not having the paintings, takes me on a mystical ride nonetheless. My having both the audible and color version of this book, I feel as if I\'m wrapped in a blanket of awareness and higher consciousness. :))
- jay

The Best Treasure

It is a book that helps us to see life from another perspective using knowledge in there,I am a faithful follower of Jacqueline Ripstein I own some paintings of her and I can tell you that as well as his book vibrate helping open consciousness.Did not lose the opportunity to get their hands on this treasure that will facilitate their daily.
- jeanette tomassello

Literally a Book of Art!

I am a Chaplain for 4 hospitals in the SE Wisconsin area. This book was purchased as a gift for myself,\r\nto keep on hand at my Chaplain\'s desk, with the intention of helping me be a Peace filled Presence\r\nwhile working with the sick and dying. It has already made a significant difference in helping me to be\r\nhealed and whole myself. Heartfelt gratitude to the author/artist!
- Lisa M. Teubel \"dlteubel\"

May th light always shine for you

I am fortunate enough to know the artist Jacqueline Ripstein\'\'. From her amazing artwork to her book she never seems to stop Amazing people with her gift of light.From the words in this magnificent book and to the artwork that graces these pages Is what make this book so powerful and\"Magical\'\'. The Art of Healing Art is a must read...If you are looking for daily inspiration,or some clarification on life itself, and what it holds for us in our everyday day life,well this book will uplift you bring back the magic in you life when you light in your heart seems so dim, This is the book for you with in these pages I can guarantee with just a little faith you will find the answers here.....Please don\'t stop believing in you so open this book and let the \"Light Back Inn\'\' The Art of Healing Art\'\'........
- Bernadette Zizzo

Powerful and Interesting Book

This book is like a journey with lessons along the way. I like the way each chapter displays her creative and beautiful light in her art to coincide with the light in her wisdom. Jacqueline Ripstein is an inspiration through her art, her writing and her messages of Love, Forgiveness, Compassion and Peace.
- Bocagoldtwin

A Sacred Force For Healing

I experienced a deep healing and a clarity in my inner focus as I read the Art of Healing Art..It acts as a tool for meditation and divining. It has taken me deep within my soul to discover more of myself with each word and with the exquisite paintings. I asked a question and received an answer to stay in the \"Ever Present Moment\". I am continuing to read the book each day and resonate with the words.
- sherry funt

This book delivers a cathartic and revelatory experience.

I received this book as a gift. Initially I thought it was simply a beautiful book about art and assumed that it explored the role of engaging in art as part of the healing process. It didn\'t take me long to realize how I had misinterpreted the purpose and potential of this fascinating book.\r\n\r\nJacqueline Ripstein has managed to create a \"living\" book that delivers a cathartic and revelatory experience to the lucky recipient. Through Jaqueline\'s featured paintings and accompanying \"lessons\" there\'s an opportunity to evaluate the stages of one\'s life, the thoughts that shape our potential and the relationships we have with others, our environment and our spiritual beliefs. I have studied and practiced some activities to raise vibrational levels. I clearly felt that while experiencing this special book that my vibrational energy, self awareness and sense of clarity and empowerment were strongly impacted.\r\n\r\nI strongly recommend this beautiful book to anyone who is ready to have a unique experience. You\'ll discover your individual path to emotional repair and renewed potential.
- J-Views


Wisdom that we could all use. I marked many pages so that I could go back and reread the statements that were most meaningful to me. What a great combination of magnificent art and artful messages. I feel closer to the light and much comfort. I am blessed to have the privilege of reading this amazing book.
- Carol Baglia \"breath coach\"

Book, DIVINE ART, ORACLE, Companion, Truth

Jacqueline is a living example of what it means to live an Inspired Life. Her deep communion with the Divine is translated through the Book, both through Transcendental Art- which touches parts of your being that are unexplainable, and also through the Words that not only speak to your mind but rather to your SOUL.\r\nIf you are at a moment where you are Ready for Transformation, allow this Book to be your Companion and Closest Friend as you walk the path of Life Mastery and True Happiness\r\n-In Service to the Divine, Paloma Devi
- Michelle Hurtado


When u read and see images all I can say is WOW,like seeing an incredible sunset. The message is very profound and the art is alive under different light. I Highly recommend and enjoyed feeling her wisdom
- mitchell schneider

A magical book.

This is a book that will inspire your imagination and awaken a new understanding of life. I read it over a period of 3 months, as each chapter contains a great deal of wisdom to reflect upon. Jacqueline\'s paintings are truly awe-inspiring and complement each chapter beautifully. This is a very special book, one that heals the confusion we often feel about the deeper questions of life. I loved it.
- Massimo Barbato

Absolutely Amazing - A Must For Anyone Who Appreciates Art

Beautiful beyond belief.. I purchased this book at the New Life Expo in Fort Lauderdale and wanted to write a review about it because the energy behind this book is truly amazing. There is a distinction between a person who puts color on a piece of paper versus someone who brings the attention of love and passion to her work. Jacqueline Ripstein is truly passionate about her work and sharing her message of love and piece through her unique way of communication through her art. Ripstein is a master artist and her wisdom is just as great as her skill as of an artist.\r\n\r\nShe takes her art to a new level embedding spiritual messages of love to the audience. Her art caught my attention hundreds of feet away in a crowded room resonating at a high vibration. I had to buy this book. Any person who is intuitive to energy, peace, love and great art will surely love Jacqueline\'s book and art. You are missing a lot if you decide to pass off on this book. If you buy her book or see her art, you will surely be impressed. I love art and rarely do I get amazed as I do when I look at Jacqueline\'s work.
- D. Rosenstein \"Daniel Rockstone\"

The Metaphysical Studies Shelf

Synopsis: \"The Art of HealingArt\" connects you to the essence of knowledge. Each lesson is a step to your awakening, a compilation of wisdom to support you to live your most empowered, fulfilled, abundant, and optimum life. This book encompasses our life\'s journey. It is a call to raise our consciousness and vibrations. Its purpose is to guide us to reunite with Spirit. It awakens our inner wisdom, helping us to transcend limiting thoughts, beliefs, and habits. Each lesson in this book has a purpose. The purpose is to awaken reunion with our Soul. As we polish ourselves as a diamond, we grow; we shine through our physical existence. Life is a school, a constant learning. All those who come into your life are meant to be your teachers. Every soul enables the opportunity to mirror you. This inspirational and transformational book reveals to us, through its images and their hidden messages, our Light, which is so greatly needed in these times of great changes. Jacqueline Ripstein\'s Art has changed the lives of thousands of people; her Art has been tested and proven by Internationally renowned scientists to be an instrument to help us heal and ascend in Consciousness. You are much more than your eyes can see. Discover your Invisible World and the perfection within it. Your thoughts, emotions, and feelings arise from the Invisible World and are manifested into this physical, material world.\r\n\r\nCritique: Offering a synergist approach to personal transformation, \"The Art of HealingArt: The Keys to Power & Awareness\" is as informed and informative as it is thoughtful and thought-provoking. Both inspired and inspiring, \"The Art of HealingArt: The Keys to Power & Awareness\" is especially recommended reading for anyone seeking to change their life and successfully deal with and ultimately overcome the stresses and tribulations that are inevitable. Very highly recommended, it should be noted that \"The Art of HealingArt: The Keys to Power & Awareness\" is also available in a Kindle edition ($9.99).
- MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW...Small Press Bookwatch

Wow! This is more than a book...It\'s a powerful healing tool!

I\'m so impressed with Jacqueline Ripstein\'s amazing ability to create images that transcend our conscious awareness, enabling people to heal and grow. Coupling these with the powerful messages within each of her \"lessons\" is like having a secret shortcut to personal transformation!
- Jackie Lapin \"Jackie\"

The Metaphysical Studies Shelf

Offering a synergist approach to personal transformation, \"The Art of HealingArt: The Keys to Power & Awareness\" is as informed and informative as it is thoughtful and thought-provoking. Both inspired and inspiring, \"The Art of HealingArt: The Keys to Power & Awareness\" is especially recommended reading for anyone seeking to change their life and successfully deal with and ultimately overcome the stresses and tribulations that are inevitable. Very highly recommended, it should be noted that \"The Art of HealingArt: The Keys to Power & Awareness\" is also available in a Kindle edition ($9.99).
- Small Press Bookwatch

Soul Food

I buy, read, study hundreds of books for enjoyment, brain food, and soul food. To quote Thomas Jefferson: \"I cannot live without books.\" This book is soul food! I am not an artist but I can gaze at one of the paintings in this book and simply get lost in time. The reflections accompanying the paintings are deeply inspiring. Each painting and the written thoughts expressed in print invite deep reflection and meditation. Reading and absorbing this book is like being on a spiritual high for weeks. I hardly recommend it to all. I would love to have it in color!
- Nancy Pelton

Here is my review on Amazon. 5 Stars!

"Being a sixteen year old girl, people don't always take me seriously. It's hard to ask for serious advice when everyone sees me as a child. Those who have experienced the same issues I have, always say the problems will pass and of course, I know they will. Everything ultimately passes. However, it's how you deal with the problem that makes you who you are. When this book came into my hands, I instantly felt that it could possibly change my life. I'm still learning from the book because it hold so much more information and knowledge than what's written on the pages. I'm still processing Chapter 3: Life and learning for forgive myself in order to continue to grow. Thank you Jacqueline Ripstein, for writing this book and helping me become a better version of myself and within myself."
- Maria Vasquez Staff Writer, Yearbook/Layout Editor, Social Media Manager for The Harbinger at MLEC.

Deeply Spiritual Insights and Beautiful Art

Jacqueline has capture the essence of love, peace and harmony in this exquisite book. Each time I look at her beautiful art I feel transformed, it alters and increases my vibrational energy. To add to the beautiful art, her insights and spiritual messages are deeply profound and beautifully written. I keep this book on my coffee table so that I can gaze at the images and take in their beautiful energy throughout my day. I also like to use the book, in a similar way to the way one might use a deck of cards, by allowing my inner guidance to show me the perfect image or wording that I need to see or hear at the time. I look forward to seeing more of Jacqueline's beautiful art and reading more of her inspirational work!
- K. Marie "Krystalya"

Images and messages to mirror your soul

Jacqueline Ripstein's book The Art of Healing Art shares a vision through her artwork and her beautiful messages of the divine that speak of love, compassion, and raising our level of awareness and consciousness, as humans searching for the divine possibilites for creating health, joy, passion, and a love of life. This is a book that can express the inexpressable and serve to guide you on an inspirational journey to reveal your Inner Light being. This book will guide you to transcend the ordinary aspects of this physical world- your traumas and fears, to ascend into the higher possibilites for love, abundance, and continued development.
- Sheryl Glick, RMT, host of Healing from Within

The Art of HealingArt

For a delightful companion for your soul growth, choose The Art of HealingArt Book with new Invisible Art Techniques. It speaks to each reader and offers guidance. In essence it ignites the heart and mind to receive messages that can enhance and bring one closer to their enlightenment. Author Jacqueline Ripstein has a gift to share with humanity and it’s demonstrated through this book that is filled with Divine Love. Through scientific research it has been told Jacqueline’s Art Techniques have healing abilities and can elevate consciousness. I’ve experienced a glorious energy when reading the words, then taking in the beautiful art creations, and then looking deeper. Allow The Art of HealingArt to take you on your spiritual journey; it is food for your soul.
- Deborah Beauvais

Appreciated Jacqueline

Borges has his Book of Sand composed of an infinite number of pages, enigmatic and indecipherable, inviting anxiety. Jacqueline Ripstein has her Book of Light that, though it does not contain an infinite number of pages, summarizes the contents of life itself in phrases weaved with light and in extraordinary paintings, whose underlying duality allows us to sense other worlds. It is a spiritual guide that invites us to reflection, an unsuspected and precise oracle that gives us answers when we feel that there are none, and invites serenity in our lives.
- José Luis Altet