The Art of HealingArt: 15 Lessons of Life


We are all students in the School of Life…

I have used the term “lesson” in the title of each chapter of this transformational book because each chapter expresses an apprenticeship in the journey of Life. Each individual who crosses our lives is a teacher. Teachers in the school of Life are not only those who love us, but also those who have hurt us, or those who have created deep pain within us. These teachers help us grow and discover our weaknesses, ego, fears, and insecurities. As we realize who we are, we encounter our real potential for increased inner strength; we discover our Glory, our Light.

A lesson is an occurrence that serves to teach us something; it can encourage us to grow up. Each lesson in this book reveals a specific key to our growth. Upon viewing the images and messages in each one, readers will recognize feelings of pain, anger, hatred, and low vibrational energies that have kept them anchored in their past. This recognition represents a unique opening moment that helps us unburden the pain we carry, as we free our- selves from the lowest emotions that drag us down. Images and words can trigger remembrance, in which a sudden flash of understanding appears, creating an “aha” moment that reveals the knowledge that is stored within our souls. This book is a wake-up call, a motivational instrument for an awakening humanity.

The lessons in this book are inspirational conduits of knowledge to help us expand our consciousness. Recognition of Love, Forgiveness, and Compassion raises us to higher states of mind where we regain the connection to the Divine being within us all, uniting our Light with the Creator.


Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo! I used to sing this and dance to it when l was four years old. My father had given me the most wondrous magic wand made from cardboard and wrapped in aluminum foil. It sparkled like a star!
I believed in magic — my wand and my paintbrush transported me to the invisible World. I lived then, and still live now, with wonder and excitement. Life for me has been a magical journey.
Art has long been both an inner need and something that has led me to growth and fulfillment in my life. Before l start to paint, as an act of reverence I always light a candle and pray to be guided by the Divine.
This book’s purpose is to reveal the hidden messages through art, to reveal the Light of God within all of us and the Invisible dimensions that create our everyday lives. May it serve to guide you in an inspirational journey to where the art and its messages become a guide to reveal your Inner Light being. Let each painting be the Mirror of your Soul.

Lesson 01: Man and the Cosmos

The lesson within this painting will help us realize that a a Supreme Power governs the universe. This lesson contains the first step to our awakening. Wakefulness is the state of being conscious. To realize our connection to the various levels of human existence is an essential step to understanding the vastness of our magnificent essence. We are connected to the material dimension, from the smallest scale of the micro-cosmos to the expanded universal one…the macro-cosmos; from the visible material plane to the invisible where our Spirit shines.

Lesson 02: The Architect of your Own Destiny

This lesson reveals the second step to awareness, as you learn to put your attention and intention into who you truly are and realize how you want to re-create your life. You will learn and discover that you are none other than the manifestation of your own thoughts, the product of your decisions, and the consequence of your actions. You possess free will; you are free to choose and design your own path. Create your Life as you would like to live it now, in this Present moment. Do not let Life pass you by. We all have a purpose, a calling. Each second that passes by cannot be recaptured.

Lesson 03: Life

Life’s high tides and storms make us feel beaten. We may face death, loss of health, loss of wealth, feel pain or anger, or both. When we experience any of these tests, we often feel despair.

In this lesson we encounter our third level of awareness…Life itself! As we encounter Life’s many tests, we get closer to discovering our Spirit, our true self that lives in our Invisible World. When we awaken to know our Spirit, then the trials, storms, and tests of Life will not crush us.

Lesson 04: The Burden of Life

The fourth lesson guides us to learn about Life’s purpose and to help us revise the burden we tend to carry. It will teach us to question our- selves about our life’s objective and to focus on creating an intention in all that we do. Life offers many kinds of experiences: joyful, loving, fun, and painful, the ups and downs. They all are part of our life journey. Step by step we create our lives.

Lesson 05: I Am

This lesson guides us to a reunion with our Total Presence, to our true knowledge of who we are, and to our connection with our Inner Being. It is the connection with the Cosmic Consciousness of the “I Am.” This lesson’s intention is to remind us of, and to restore within us, the awareness of our Original Divine Nature. As we realize this Presence within us, we awaken to it.

Lesson 06: The Cosmic Chess Game of Life

This painting reveals to us an essential lesson that helps us grow and realize the mastery of our minds as we learn to transmute lower mental states into higher ones. It’s a guide that takes us from unconsciousness states of lack of understanding to conscious living. A lesson that will guide you to turn Dark times into “En-Light-ened” ones. As we learn to drop our egos and vanquish our fears, we rise above all tests of life. We adopt kinder and more inclusive thought processes that lead to the “high road” we want to follow. Learn to control your mind, to unlock your inner power, and you will manifest the life of your dreams.

Lesson 07: Storms of Life

The lesson in this painting teaches us about life’s storms and trials. To guide us in how to deal and learn from them is the goal of this lesson’s enlightenment. Life’s storms are diverse, could be: death, a divorce, physical or emotional abuse, betrayal by a friend, or large-scale tragedies such as tsunamis and war. Grieving is a personal and highly individual experience; it is a natural response to loss. Grief is the emotional suffer- ing you feel when something or someone you love is taken from you.

In our material world we deal with many losses that can cause grief: death of a beloved person or pet, divorce, loss of health, loss of a job, or of financial stability, loss of security, etc. Losing someone or something you love or care deeply about is very painful. You may experience all kinds of difficult emotions and it may feel like the pain and sadness you’re experiencing will never let up. These are normal reactions to a significant loss, and there are healthy ways to cope with the pain that, in time, can renew you and permit you to move on. A new you will appear after every life storm.

Lesson 08: Confusion

This lesson will help us disentangle ourselves from old thought patterns, from the past as individuals and as humanity. It will take us on a journey into clarity and consciousness. Beliefs are inputted into our belief system; they are not necessarily ours to being with; they belong to a “program” that is running our lives. To open that program and discard what we don’t accept and to discern what part of it belongs to the Truth of our Spirit is a job for consciousness. As you discover what has trapped you, you learn how to balance your life, to create order where there is chaos. You can do this by becoming aware of your creative powers, by taking responsibility for all of your actions, by understanding that sepa- ration starts with a thought which turns into a belief and then creates a reality. Humans think they are separated from other human beings, but a drop of the ocean belongs to the same ocean, and a human being is a fragment of humanity. By discovering and applying the power of your inner-self, you take a real role in reconstructing your life.

Lesson 09: The Jail of the Ego

This lesson is an essential learning tool for defeating our own shadows so that our Light may shine through. Our egos trap us in the world of illusion. Appearing to be us, they give us false identities and a false sense of self-worth. As we understand more about the function of our egos, the easier it becomes to take control, instead of letting ego control our lives. While it is impossible to destroy the ego system, we can use the shadows to reveal our Light. First we have to learn to identify the shadows within us; then we can rise above them, using them in our ascending journey.

This is not an easy lesson, so be aware that you may find it boring or start to feel sleepy. There can be much inner resistance from your ego to prevent you from discovering the Truth.

Lesson 10: The Colors of Life

In this lesson we will discover how the colors of life move us, marking the rhythm of what we breathe, think, create, love, and live. They reflect how we feel. There are low- and high-vibrational dimensions of colors. The low drag us down; the higher vibrations of colors elevate us to the heavens, to the Light. As we focus on the Colors of Life, we balance emotion, thought, and Spirit.

Lesson 11: Life's Inferno

In this lesson we will look into the question of hell. Is it a dimension beyond life itself? Or is it a heavy-vibrational, obscure space wherein humans get imprisoned by their own lower, negative thoughts, feelings, words, and actions? Is it a place where, trapped by their shadows, the egos continuously veil their Light? Enter into an open space of conscious- awareness as you discover the light within darkness.

Lesson 12: Masquerade

This lesson will help you identify more clearly our illusory world and the ego’s many identities. It will help us expose our masks, discovering that behind all masks we often find fear and confusion. Without their shield we expose the real us. There is a very fine line that separates laughter and sorrow, comedy and tragedy, pain and suffering. To discover that line is part of our task. We mask ourselves as a means of protection – to conceal our fear of rejection and other painful feelings. Many times we wear smiley-faced masks when everything in our lives is crashing down around us. The masks camouflage our fears of vulnerability, of failure, of shame, of low self-esteem. These masks give the illusion of self-confidence, so that even when we really feel worthless, we become part of a masquerade, tricking ourselves as we pull people’s attention away from our true selves.

Lesson 13: Eternal Love

This painting reveals to us that Love is the Supreme Lesson of life; without love a human existence is empty. The mastery of life is to find that love within ourselves, and then share it with all humans, animals, and all life upon planet Earth. Love has many levels. As we expand our love of self, our capacity to love others grows. As we love others, our capability to Love expands. As we practice service and Compassion, we connect to the deeper vibrations of pure unconditional Love. Love is the highest emotion and the highest state. As we learn how lack of Love brings to us insecu- rity, fears, and an unhealthy and unbalanced state of being, we can then shift our lives to a balanced, harmonic, peaceful existence. Love is the reflection of God within each of us.

Lesson 14: The Garden of the Prophets

This painting’s lesson is a guide to help us reveal our magnificence; it shows us how our role in life can affect the whole universal system. Each living being is an essential link in life’s expression, and we each have a unique purpose for our existence. We are meant to be brilliant, to dwell in glory! This painting reveals how we also hold within us the power to destroy. The time has come for each of us to awaken, to realize our re- sponsibilities and learn to honor all living kingdoms. We must stop the barbaric killing and torture not only of humans, but of animals as well. Animals are not trophies or commodities to serve our pride and greed; they are part of life’s magnificence, and they have their own energetic purposes.

Lesson 15: From Heaven to Earth

This is the ultimate lesson. It depicts the entry to your Divine Self. This lesson encompasses our life’s journey as individuals, communities, and as One Humanity. It’s the most fundamental of all life lessons — to unite Heaven and Earth. This painting leads you on a spiritual journey through its high vibration, taking you ever deeper into the recesses of your inner Being. Its goal is to reconnect you to the Divine within you.