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How To Unleash Your Creative Energy by Discovering Invisible Dimensions in Art

By Jacqueline Ripstein, the author of The Art of Healing Art - The Keys to Power and Awareness and the creator of the patented Invisible Art and Lighttech.© (pat.1986).   Throughout history Art has had [...]

Spiritual Life Magazine Issue 9

New Book Calls On Scientifically-Proven ‘Healing Art’ To Guide Readers In Finding Life’s Harmony

  Written by internationally renowned and celebrated artist, Jacqueline Ripstein, ‘The Art of HealingArt’ offers a compelling synergistic approach to transforming anyone’s life. By discovering each of the book’s fifteen ‘keys’ hidden in the author’s [...]

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A Q&A With Jacqueline Ripstein, Author of The Art of HealingArt: The Keys to Power and Awareness

1. When did you realize you were an artist?    Art has been my natural way of expressing myself. I always enjoyed creating. I’m self taught. It took me years to realize I was an artist, [...]

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