booksWritten by internationally renowned and celebrated artist, Jacqueline Ripstein, ‘The Art of HealingArt’ offers a compelling synergistic approach to transforming anyone’s life. By discovering each of the book’s fifteen ‘keys’ hidden in the author’s stunning paintings, readers will turn the last page with the power to attain the high level of consciousness required to live in true harmony and joy.

Life has many lessons, though many are not easy to master. While a myriad of life coaches and celebrities claim to have answers, true enlightenment is often found in the most unexpected of places. Thanks to the release of a life-changing new book by Jacqueline Ripstein, true healing is now being imparted through exquisite art.

‘The Art of HealingArt: The Keys to Power and Awareness’ calls on Ripstein’s thirty-plus years as an inspirational artist whose work has been scientifically-proven to contain powerful healing qualities. Her latest book encompasses life’s whole journey, to share lessons ranging from love and pain to compassion and death.


Jacqueline Ripstein did something few achieve alone: she turned the ‘sicknesses of poor health and stress into an enlightening opportunity. Following three years of receiving and capturing lessons that compelled her to ascend into consciousness, she created ‘The Art of HealingArt’.

This powerful book will awaken any reader’s soul by using imagery to reveal fifteen ‘keys’ to power and knowledge. Encompassing life’s journey, the book helps readers unite with their spirit, awaken wisdom and limit negative thoughts in order to achieve mastery over all of life’s trials.

Shared through Ripstein’s own exquisite art, each of the book’s lessons form individual conduits of knowledge on the recognition of love, forgiveness and compassion. Each revealing a specific ‘key’ to growth, the book’s combined power will help anyone reach a true state of harmony and joy.

As the author explains, her readers already have the power to achieve true harmony within them. However, her art provides a vehicle and catalyst through which this inner power can come alive.

“Most people are disconnected from their true spirit and my work will help them reunite with it, as well as release the negative energies that provide darkness. These limiting beliefs, thoughts and habits are only natural – but by shedding them you can achieve mastery over all trials in life,” says Ripstein.

familyvectorContinuing, “It’s all about becoming the co-creator of your life. It’s hard to help people strive for this but my art and its hidden keys hold the clues. I’ve already inspired thousands and now my book is available to change the life of anyone willing to accept it.”

The book has garnered a string of impressive reviews. For example, Dr. Joe Rubina comments, “Combining beautiful art with profoundly inspirational messages, Jacqueline Ripstein’s book inspires, educates, uplifts, and enlightens. It is one of those rarely brilliant works that moves the senses and the spirit within. Highly recommended.”

Kathleen Casey was equally as impressed, adding, “Art has the power to inspire and Ms. Ripstein uses her talents to do just that in this delightful book The Art of HealingArt. I highly recommend this book for all those travelling on the path to enlightenment!”

‘The Art of Healing Art: The Keys to Power and Awareness’ is available now. For more information, visit the book’s official website.

About the Author:

Jacqueline Ripstein is an internationally-renowned Fine Art Artist /Author. She has inspired thousands of people across the world with more than 375 International shows. She was born in Mexico, is self-taught and won a national Prismacolor diploma at 12 yrs. old.

Her art has been tested by several international scientists that have shown the high healing power in it, as the high frequencies it contains help people ascend into states of higher inspiration and consciousness. Her deep desire has been to reveal the unseen dimensions and to offer a breath of hope to our humanity.