I am a Chaplain for 4 hospitals in the SE Wisconsin area. This book was purchased as a gift for myself, to keep on hand at my Chaplain’s desk, with the intention of helping me be a Peace filled Presence while working with the sick and dying. It has already made a significant difference in helping me to be healed and whole myself. Heartfelt gratitude to the author/artist!.
Lisa M. Teubel


It is a book that helps us to see life from another perspective using knowledge in there,I am a faithful follower of Jacqueline Ripstein I own some paintings of her and I can tell you that as well as his book vibrate helping open consciousness.Did not lose the opportunity to get their hands on this treasure that will facilitate their daily.
Jeanette Tomassello

Querida Jacky, no tengo palabras para describir lo fascinante que ha sido comenzar la lectura de tu libro. No se como explicarlo, se que me dijiste que algunas personas te han comentado que siente como si se les fueran retirando capas al paso de cada lección, lo que a mi me sucede, probablemente es a la inversa, cada vez que tomo el libro para leer la siguiente lección, comienza a punzarme la base del cráneo del lado derecho, siempre en el mismo lugar, y de forma continua mientras estoy leyendo.

En mi caso, creo que en lugar de eliminar capas, se estan activando distintas cosas en mi, especialmente en el lado derecho. Incluso hoy en la mañana, estando aun acostado, ya despierto tuve como una visión estilo de comic, donde veía monedas de oro enterradas en un terreno. Gracias por compartir tu luz, apenas voy a comenzar la lección 5, pero es un deleite y una gran experiencia. Bendiciones, Amor y Luz.

Alejandro Cohen, Mexico


I would like to post a Testimonial about Jacqueline Ripstein ‘s work of art. I have been led to her site where her paintings are displayed, and looked around in amazement: Those paintings MOVE, they are ALIVE !!! As I felt drawn towards one of the paintings more I opened it and enlarged it to screen size …. I felt like going inside of it, travelling in a way into it, deeper then the eye can see, into other dimensions. Enormous openings and wisdom was sent to me, insights, energies.

After a while when I looked at the clock I realised I had been doing that for half an hour !!! After that the energy kept at work inside of me in the most psotive way possible, sharing to me yet more insights and wisdom from other dimensions related to that particular painting. Then I took a few days to reflect, and only after that I went back to view another painting and have new experiences. I can only say it has been most amazing to me to enjoy what journey Jacqueline Ripstein ‘s paintings have taken me on.

Thank you so much, Jaqueline, for sharing your amazing Divine work to the World !

Annemieke van Eijkeren


The Art of Jacqueline Ripstein is a powerful tool to see the future there is no progress in the future, if we don’t learn from the past. The painting “Confusion” (1982), by Jacqueline depicts the mess that our world is in today, collapsing slowly, as the Roman Empire did. If we are not careful and watch every step we take, caring for our world, the consequences could be spiraling down into more “confusion”. I highly recommend you to take this spiritual journey with a highly gifted artist Jacqueline Ripstein, who expresses her inner feelings and relationship with the world through her art.Her soul is reflected in her work..Her book The Art of HealingArt and her art, can help raise our level of consciousness, helping us to uplift our world to higher planes of vibrations.

Iris Saltzman, Astrologer, Medical Intuitive and Parapsychologist.


Jacqueline Ripstein’s enlightened message through art is the universal information to calm the current explosive turmoil of people around the world.

Dr. Valerie V. Hunt, Scientist, Author, and Professor Emeritus, UCLA


We would love to hear about your experience with The Art of HealingArt: The Keys to Power & Awareness…

Please share here your testimony…

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    Your Testimony

    Dearest Jacqueline right now i am enjoying this wonderful book of yours. I started from Lesson XIV The Garden Of the Prophets and then I to III.Thanks for such a beautiful gift. Am really amazed and very happy to go through the messages dawned through your Art as it is very much in tune with my experiences of Samarpan Meditation
    Prafulla Jitendra Patwari, India
    The effect of Jacqueline’s art on each person was different (as reflected in the readings). The results were impressive. Her art has a most definite calming, balancing, and healing effect.
    Dr. Vaughn R. Cook, OMD, President, Digital Health Corp


    In Jacqueline’s work we see humanity being nourished by crystal- line waters flowing from mystic realms of Being. In our current times of environmental and planetary change, we can draw inspiration from the image of our precious Earth being nurtured by the cosmic forces that sustain organic life. Here inner-dimensional truths are often symbolized in legends such as ‘the Birth of New Being’ in which celestial realms enter the earth through the font of sacred rivers of Light. Drawing from these archetypal myths and images, we discover in the paintings that the East and the West meet together in splendor where the Divine Father-Mother of the West and Brahma-Shiva’s of the East pour forth the pranic or life force energies of the Divine Family that revitalizes the Earth. Jacqueline Ripstein is, in essence, is one of the divine messengers whose visual screen is able to bring forth a scintillating field of ideographic language, a Rosetta picture that emanates a sense of transformation. Her ability is to draw upon effulgent realities from the past and future express the underlying unity of the consciousness that permeates all realms of Being.
    Testimony (c) Dr. J.J. Hurtak, Ph.D., President of the Academy for Future Science


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    Jacqueline has discovered the logic within the Harmonic Oscilla- tors that allows the decoding of all information that flows from the Universe into us through our senses. Our perception expands. When we contemplate Jacqueline’s Art, it may seem as if time stops.

    Rafael Lopez Guerrero, President & Founder FET ( Foundatión EticoTaku for Innovation.)

    The art of Jacqueline Ripstein fills a gap in the heart and heals from realms beyond by helping us to be more in touch with our inner-self. The messages hidden within Jacqueline’s art resonate profoundly within the soul and awaken us to an invisible world. During moments of pain and loss, her art has a way to help heal. The invisible technique used by Jacqueline captures the viewers soul.

    Jeffrey A. Wands, Author of The Psychic in you, Knock and AnotherDoor will open.

    Jacqueline utilizes the Light as a vehicle to unite Heaven and Earth. “Light is the shadow of God”…Einstein. Jacqueline has been called to be a “Master of Masters”, creating a New Art School, where the Arts, energy and Light will be the medicine of the Soul, that will help ascend the Human Frequency.

    Lourdes Méndez Consciential Antropologist, Researcher and Interpreter of the Universes Symbols. Astrologer.


    Quiero compartir con ustedes la suerte de conocer a Jacqueline Ripstein, y cada una de sus obras con un nivel de consciencia y luz que vibran a lo inimaginable . En este momento su libro donde expresa su sabiduría innata dándote enseñanzas eternas en un lenguaje sencillo ,del cual les puedo expresar nos ayudara a cambiar la consciencia humana por una consciencia cósmica ,que nos ensenara a crear nuestras propias vidas con mensajes exactos que nos serviran en nuestro diario vivir. Al tenerlo en tus manos podras conectarte con el para cualquier respuestas que quieras, abriéndolo en la pagina correcta que necesitas para cada ocasion que lo consultes.  Sera una experiencia que te enseñara a ver la vida desde otro punto de vista.  Gracias Jacqueline soy realmente afortunada de compartir tu sabiduria.

    Jeanette Tomassello, Mia.Fl

    Your manuscript has really opened my sensibilities to many events/ideas in synchronicity with yours. On Friday night, for example, I saw the movie “Thrive” at our local yoga studio. So many of its messages echo yours! And many other such instances have been occurring throughout this past month while communing with you. I like to interpret that as boding well for your success. When the book is complete with all your artwork included, which I can’t wait to see, I’d love to purchase a copy.

    Best, Irene


    The purpose of art, according to Aristotle, “is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.” Jacqueline Ripstein’s magical images bring forth the invisible realm and inspire us to experience a connection with higher levels of consciousness. Goethe wrote that the true work of art is “The mediator of the inexpressible.” Jacqueline embodies this mediation in her art and in her persona. She expresses her vision of the angelic world in a unique, authentic and exquisitely beautiful way. How is she able to do this? She is, herself, an angel of art. I met Jacqueline ten years ago while I was conducting research on the inward significance of the paintings of Leonardo da Vinci for my book: Da Vinci Decoded: Discovering the Spiritual Secrets of Leonardo’s Seven Principles. I spent a week at her studio surrounded by her magnificent paint- ings and images from many different illustrated books about Leonardo. As I reached for one of the books, with the intention of leafing through it to find a particular passage from the Maestro’s Treatise on Painting, I said to Jacqueline, “ What we are doing would make Leonardo smile.” The moment the words left my mouth we both saw the heading of the page I had randomly opened, which read “The Smile of Leonardo.” I’m sure that Leonardo is smiling on the release of Jacqueline’s book. In the beginning of his Treatise Leonardo penned a dedication: “May God, light of all things, design to enlighten me, who here treat of light.” Jacqueline’s dedication is manifest in the way she treats us to her enlightening reflections of Divine light.
    Michael J. Gelb. Author of: How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci



    I just wanted to say thank you again for the wonderful energy of Mary that you have brought into the United Nations and the contribution of peace with the children today. I just saw the whole conference room full of light, I know today’s events at the United Nations have changed the world for Peace. May Peace Prevail on Earth! Let There Be Peace on Earth and Let It Begin with Us. Peace is Coming. I Just Feel It In My Bones! God Bless You Mightily for Your Wonderful Work. I’m so honoured to have met you.
    Elizabeth Grant. United Nations


    This painting will move and heal the pain in this world. We are thrilled to have experienced this very majestic painting. Thank you for your gift.
    Carol & Judge Howard Zeidwig


    Lord God, thank you for Jacqueline. Thank you for the abundant gifts you have gifted her. Thank you for your responsible love for her inspiration. We are joyous to see what all can see with the heart. Thank you for the recognition of God in man. Blessed are your eyes that see.
    Father Jozo Zovko - Franciscan Monastery, Bosnia Hercegovina


    The love you radiate through your heart and your being will bring light to both the loving and the frightened heart. God bless.
    Marla Maples Trump, New York, NY


    A feeling of peace, spirituality and healing.
    Dr. Bernie Siegel


    You are an old Himalayan soul and your greatest contribution to the world is coming through your paintings. You will work for the global peace.
    Swami Sarvanand Saraswati, New Delhi, India


    Thank you very much for your wonderful art workshop the Millennium Peace Day on 19 September 2000 at UN Headquarters. It was definitely one of the most inspiring workshops I have ever been part of. Many of the 400 or so students who participated in the activity wrote me expressing their excitement and satisfaction. Obviously, much of the credit for the success of the day’s event goes to you.
    Hasan Ferdous - Chief, Public Inquiries Unit, Department of Public Information United Nations


    It was wonderful to meet you the day before the Millennium Peace Day. You are such a shinning spirit. I was able to spend some time with “Our Lady of the Universe” and although I didn’t expect to, I ended upon my knees in front of her. It felt like I was in the presence of the real Blessed Mother. In the space of knowing, not thinking. For the next few days, I could see her quite clearly and feel that presence again. In fact, she is still speaking to me. I am sure you hear this kind of thing all the time, but it never hurts to hear it again. Yes, you are the instrument through which she manifested, now for me, and for many others. Thank you.
    Alan Gleiner, Roanoke, Virginia


    Jacqueline is a visionary. She is an extraordinary artist but so much more as well. Her spirit permeates her art and that is what makes it so special.
    James Twyman Author

    Art of Healing Art Banner

    It surprised and affirmed me by giving shape to a vision of one of my colleagues has described in a dream about our work. Awe inspiring.
    Dr. Stephen Glenn
    A window of inspiration about the Most High.
    Dr. Carlos Warten. Author


    With love and appreciation. I so admire your art.
    Dr. Brian Weiss. Author Many Lives Many Masters.
    May the light that has inspired be channeled for those needing to be inspired. For only the light is eternal.
    Craig Campodasso, Hollywood, CA
    You have an unbelievable spirit and we see it in your pictures. Thank you very much.
    Sigalit Moulavi, Montreal, Canada
    You have achieved a truly unique means of expressing the depths of the human soul.
    Glen Donniger, Houston, TX
    You have truly touched and brought out my soul. Thank you.
    Hava Mintz, Houston, TX
    I too am deeply moved by your lovely work. You know you’ve inspired my spirit and I’ll always hold you dear to me. Thank you for your love of faith and ability to express it so beautifully. Words cannot do justice to your paintings
    Agi Hortobagy


    What an honor to have been able to present your works as part of Semana Sepharad. Your beauty and gentleness permeate your works. I am so happy to have met (experienced) you and pray that our paths cross again in the future.
    Marilyn Hassid, Houston, TX


    Your paintings reveal deep thought and are very inspiring.
    Myles Brody, Houston, TX


    When I first found out about an artist coming to our class I really didn’t give it much thought, in other words, I didn’t care. However, when she got here and started showing us her work, it caught me totally off guard. I was astonished by her paintings when I started visualizing them. A particular painting I enjoyed and liked very much was “Jacob’s Dream.” It gave me a sign of how you have two ways of choosing. If you go up the stairs, you’ll have plenty of angels to guide you to a peaceful eternal life and if you decide to head the other direction, you have no one to guide you and you are left to enter a dark and lonesome world. Therefore, I feel these paintings were fabulous and had a lot of emotion and feelings put into them for us to discover.
    Carla 17 Years Old, Miami


    After looking at some of Jacqueline Ripstein’s pieces I began to think about faith. Her pieces made me wonder about my faith level and my belief in god. Recently, I’ve had no faith in God or Jesus or any religion and Jacqueline Ripstein’s paintings gave me a holy feeling that made me think of God and Jesus. I don’t think I’ll go join a convent but maybe I’ll try going to church once.
    Ian Maguire 14 Years Old, Aspira School, FL
    Jacqueline Ripstein’s paintings helped me realize that God was truly there and helping me. The painting of the cliff that ends and then there’s a stairway when the black light is turned on reminds me of times in my past. There have been times in my life when I thought there was no hope. Jacqueline Ripstein’s paintings were beautiful and full of life. That is what many people need today and I believe that if many people were to see her paintings it would change their view of life and faith. Today’s society has no faith and with these paintings, it can help the faith come alive. Even though the paintings are a bit different, they are great. It sometimes takes an odd object to notice things. All of Jacqueline Ripstein’s paintings are a slight of God. I believe she was given this gift to help other people in their daily lives.
    Armando Martinez 14 Years Old, Aspira School, FL


    We would love to hear about your experience with The Art of HealingArt: The Keys to Power & Awareness…

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      Your Testimony

      You gave all of us fortune to be with you and to view your glorious creation in an evening of love and healing energy we will always cherish. Every time I look at your creation I smile, feel your love and feel the love and protection from the universe. God bless you, much love and light to you.
      Linda Petrakis, Boca Raton, FL


      “For years I’ve been intrigued by the healing arts, reading everything I could get my hands on by Eckhart Tolle and other inspirational teachers of peace and personal development. I’ve had a particular interest in how unseen forces in nature (certain sound and light frequencies) affect us, and how we can use these invisible forces for our own personal growth and understanding of the world around us.

      Jacqueline Ripstein’s book, The Art of Healing Art delves into all these topics. She addresses spiritual and emotional healing and growth through her magnificent works of art. Likewise she explains how the use of light in her paintings can also be used to heal. It’s been a joy working with her on this project. Not only is the book well written … but her paintings and her approach to art at a healing art form is profound and revolutionary. I’m certain that in years to come, The Art of Healing Art will be a well known resource for individuals and groups in their quest for peace, understanding and personal, spiritual growth.”

      Joanna Henning, Voice Actress